Estate & Used Gun Purchases

Whether it's debt, death, divorce, or simply downsizing, we are there to help. Serving the North Central & Northern Wisconsin area, we will buy the firearms and weaponry of the estate or you personally , while making the entire experience pleasant for you. Our goal is to evaulate your guns and make a fair offer and take the hassle out of you selling your firearms directly to the public. We take care of the entire process, leaving you free to focus on the other portions of the estate or your personal situation. Contact Doc to setup a meeting to discuss your situation. Fill out the form to start the process. Send me photos to my email address at [email protected]

Doc Prehn also performs firearm appraisals. His experience both as a collector and retailer gives him the opportunity to give you quality appraisals. Cost depends on each situation. Email your request today.

Contact Doc by filling out this form or email Doc at [email protected]

firearms estate sales in Wausau, WI

firearms estate sales in Wausau, WI

estate weapon sales in Wausau, WI